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06-06-2010, 08:57
I bought a used Glock 36 and it jammed. The guy said it is either the mag or limp-wrisitng which makes sense because I've just started to shoot without any instructions and I do hold it kinda loose. It's easier that way, less recoil and if I hold it tight It shakes a bit. Anyways, the spent shell didn't eject all the way and the one coming up hit it. Is limp wristing really an issue?

06-06-2010, 20:29
Yes limp wristing is for real. You can overcome it easily with a little training. I HIGHLY recommend you contact your local range or local gun club and get some expert advice. Learn to shoot correctly! Avoid picking up bad habits right from the get go!

06-12-2010, 16:39
I was totally limp wristing but I was squeezing the gun itself tight, now I understand.

06-14-2010, 22:08
Excellent! Glad to learn you have it under control.