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06-06-2010, 20:40
Oh my gosh they were WONDERFUL!

My wife slaved away making a delicious pork roast, (which we had part of last night along with some great garlic mashed potatoes) and today she made a wonderful ham...

Then she tasked me with making the sandwiches:

We sliced up some of both the pork roast and the ham. We had the pork roast, ham, and cheese sitting out so it would be at room temp before we made the sandwiches.

We used four cast iron pans: one for the bottom; and three for the press:

Sweet sourdough french rolls: painted melted butter liberally on all four sides
Sliced Pork Roast
Sliced Ham
Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese
Spicy mustard on top.

Grilled them in the cast iron pan, using the other three cast iron pans put on top of the sandwich (and some muscle) to press the sandwich; a couple minutes, and flip, again pressing hard.

Pulled it out and sliced it diagonally from one edge to the other.

Mmmy wonderful!!

06-07-2010, 14:57
Nice! Sounds awesome. I want to try your method with the cast iron. Sure beats buying a panini press. :wavey: