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06-07-2010, 08:29
Just a reminder to our 2nd amendment Clark County community that tomorrow is our opportunity to remove one of our enemies from office. Sheriff Gillespie, as we all know, needs to go. His support of the blue-card system, and receiving a failing grade from the NRA speaks loudly.

Of all the six ballot candidates for Sheriff, there is only one who really deserves our vote: Laurie P. Bisch. I met her awhile back at an open carry event, and while breaking bread with her I was privileged to get to know her. She is a true patriot and friend of the 2nd amendment. She fully supports open carry, and was vocal in complimenting constitutional carry during our lunch. I also managed to get some comments from her regarding the blue-card system, which she said that she did not believe worked at reducing crime, and ultimately that it should be scrapped.

What is really remarkable about this is that she is a Democrat!

Laurie's website is at

I'm really looking forward to voting FOR someone rather then voting AGAINST someone for a change.