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06-08-2010, 17:36
I just picked it up and was at home loading my magazines, man they are tough to get all 10 in. I might have to pick up a upLULA.

Anyways I got all 10 in the magazine finally and the magazine doesn't seem to fit with 10 in, rack and load a round then load another round in the magazine and it won't fit in my gun.

Thought it was supposed to be 10+1... is it because it's a new gun or what am I doing wrong?

06-08-2010, 18:57
Yep, it’s a new gun. You may have to keep the mags loaded for awhile until the spring takes a set.
The only other way is to get real aggressive with the mag when you seat it. Then again, odds are you are going to dent that first round

06-08-2010, 19:21
Thanks for the response, I really had to push the mag in and finally got it to click. Well off to the range to feed it a few hundred rounds.