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06-09-2010, 00:02
so i'm quite a big fan of crkt knives. now the one i carry is a titanium m16 serrated, unfortunately it has an internal liner blade lock, despite that it's freakin' awesome.

now i also own a blade lock. absolutely love it, blade is locked while folded shut and the blade is also locked when the blade is fully opened.

now has anyone seen a blade lock crkt (michael walker patented design -- blade lock) as pictured above that is an automatic conversion where the knife is closed and you depress the thumb lock button to auto-open it?!

i have, because i have one. as i said i love it so much i don't carry it :D
stays in the safe, rarely does it come out.
now i don't know much about the auto-conversion or how available it was made; it was a gift from a family member.

anyone that may have one or know more about it, please chime in!
that being said, i'm gonna lurk around to find a better carry knife, a folder, as i like a compact size, i have enough 'other things' crammed in my belt as is.

green marauder
06-09-2010, 20:14
Are you sure its not a counterfeit because its not listed in their catalogs or website? They have a problem with china knockoffs read about it on their website "Unrelated designs with the CRKT logo. A visit to the Chinese eBay web site will reveal an array of strange and inferior knife designs which have never been produced by CRKT, but which display the CRKT logo prominently. Again, this is a violation of international trademark law. Similar rip-offs are originating in South Africa".
Does it say where it was made do you have a part#? Ive gone through 2 crkt knives in less than a year now and waiting for my 3rd replacement. I dont think much of their product if I could get my money back I would get one form Timberline I'm done with crkt. good luck

06-09-2010, 21:06
I own 6 of the M16's, various versions. I'm glad.

06-09-2010, 22:18
yes i'm positive this isn't a knock off.
if i had my camera (tomorrow i'll try) i'd take detailed photos. i've owned quite a few crtk's, and this one i've had for a couple years.
it has good weight to it, the blade looks great, it has michael walker's name etched in the blade (laser etched? not sure how they do it). the blade locks closed with the tip well within the frame.
this is a great knife.
i'll take pics tomorrow.