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06-09-2010, 10:31

my best friend picked up his g19 at a gun show used, its a gen 3.

i eyeballed it when he bought it and it looked gtg although a bit dirty.

it fires fine, no issues... but one day we were talking about operation of it and i was telling him that slingshotting the slide is your best bet etc. etc.

he says... my slide slams closed when i slap a magzine in...

that didnt sound right to me... so i checked my own g19... sure enough mine doesnt do that and my friend is concerned that he may have a bad part somewhere he needs to replace.

so whats the verdict... whats wrong with it and what does he need to replace?

06-09-2010, 18:13
If your slide slams shut on a reload you can change a couple parts to make it stop. You will need a new recoil spring and slide stop. The new slide stop spring will keep the lever in the notch and the new recoil spring will keep plenty of pressure on the slide while it is locked back. If this does not resolve the issue you will need to file the notch a little deeper.