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View Full Version : Crooked rear sight on my 870P

06-09-2010, 11:12
Picked up my police trade-in 870P yesterday, after the 10 day wait.

I had checked the action, checked the finish, check the barrel for fouling, but left out one thing... :freak:

Why oh why, didn't I look down the sights? More importantly, how did it go un-noticed while it was still with the department? :dunno:

Can this be corrected without too much trouble?

06-09-2010, 13:07
The base is silver soldered on, It can be undone, but will need to be refinished. How did they shoot that thing?

06-09-2010, 13:35
I would send it back to Remington. I did not see it was a trade in. Send it to a good gun smith in your area.

06-09-2010, 17:54
Cant tell from the picture what the exact issue is. Is the side damaged. Has the ramp has been reattached, If it was attached at the factory Remington will see the issue is obvious and correct it. Call them. 1-800-243-9700