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06-09-2010, 13:34
All of these loads are seated to 1.260". Some Top Brass, some starline so read carefully what I have listed. All of these are within manual limits except for the 180 Nosler, its right at Noslers Max and I am using different components.

KKM precision barrel

10.3 grns 800x 155grn Silver tip hollow point. Starline case, CCI 350 Primer

Avg: 1317
SD: 23.3
ES: 64.0

Not very happy about the large spread. I might re-test this later and re-verify to make sure it wasnt a fluke.

10.3 grns 800x 155 grn Speer GDHP Top Brass case, 350 Primer

Avg 1365
SD 25.4
ES 76.0

Another one I'm not real happy with. Maybe a different primer, or again a fluke of the chronograph.

9.5 grns Power Pistol 165 grn Precision Delta FP. Top Brass case, winchester large pistol primer.

Avg: 1263
SD: 6.0
ES: 18

Very satisfied with this as a practice load.

Now the last one. Noslers 180 JHP. Nosler provided me some reloading data and called for 11 grains AA #7 max, winchester case, WLP and claimed a 1190 out of a 6" barrel. Not very impressive...

Nosler 180 JHP. 11 grains of AA #7, CCI 350 Primer and top brass case.

AVG: 1164
SD: 8.0
ES: 24.0

This is out of a G29 giving up 2+ inches of barrel to their test and only off by 26fps. I believe there is room to grow here, head expansion was not an issue at 11 grns.

Conclusion....I about set on Accurate Arms #7 as my go to powder for 10mm. I'm just not having very good luck with 800x for whatever reason..maybe a different primer is in order, or maybe it is what it is. Power Pistol works fairly well also, but has a bit of blast too it. I will be trying Ramshots True Blue soon and will give it a good workout with the various projectiles I have on hand.

father time
06-11-2010, 06:49
I tested both Power Pistol and AA#7 from my M20 (Nosler 150gr) and I prefer AA#7 despite the fact it's just a bit slower than PP. Less blast, cleaner burning and sufficient velocities IMO. Mike McNett likes it quite a bit also.