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06-10-2010, 18:28
Well, I just came into possession of one of these and had a chance to go to the range a couple of times the last few days, and have a few questions I'm sure folks here can answer for me.
1. I could almost swear some of the rounds don't go thru the target straight.
Please tell me it's my imagination???
2. Are these paticular as to what brand ammo they work well with?
It came with a few rounds of Remington hardball and a mag of hollow points.
The first range session, the accuracy was ok. I'm by no means an excellant shot, but they were doable groupes.
Today, I bought a box of Magtechs and they were all over the place. There was no groupes.
It may have been me, but I had also shot my G23 well and a Sig P229 I rented, which acctually made me look like I could shoot great.

Any way thanks for any help.
If I hold on to this, I definitly need to get a few new mags and slim grips.

Don Glock
06-10-2010, 20:23
hold the gun as steady as possible while squeezing the trigger nice and easy. it's possible you're anticipating recoil and jerking the gun :)