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06-11-2010, 19:15
Hi JR!

Had a question about keeping a round in the chamber of a G23.

I would like to keep my G23 in a GunVault beside by bed, with a fully loaded magazine and one in the chamber, but I have a concern about the striker spring being partially cocked for extended periods of time. (weeks if not months at a time.)

Normally, when I put one of my Glocks in storage, I dry fire it.

Does keeping a round in the chamber over extended periods of time do any damage to the pistol? Do you have any recommendations?


06-11-2010, 21:24
Ok, good question..... allow me to enlighten you.

FYI: Your striker spring is in the same condition all the time. It is completely relaxed. The striker spring has absolutely no pressure on it until you pull the trigger. The Glock pistol is always safe with "one in the chamber".

The only time this changes is when you pull the trigger. "If" you pull the trigger, the trigger bar starts putting pressure on the striker spring..... all the way up until it is released by the connector and it actually fires. On the other hand, if you start pulling the trigger and right at the last moment decide not to fire, you release the trigger, the striker spring is relaxed.

This is the same condition it is in right after firing..... completely relaxed