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Sigarmed 1
06-11-2010, 19:48
Took my new Delta Elite to the range for the first time. Brought a box of Hornady 155gr XTP's and 50 handloads. The handloads were mild XTP 180 grain @1100 fps. Started looking at the brass and was horrified and what I saw. All of the handloads looked fine but every single one of the factory Hornady's were bulged badly! I had no idea the Delta had such poor chamber support. Is this normal for a Delta? Can it not even handle full house factory loads? (The Hornady's were 155 gr XTP rated @1265fps) Very dissapointed! As you can see, my Glock 29 has much better support than the Delta. Have the DE chambers always been like this? Or, is this possibly an out of spec chamber? Thanks in advance for your input.198854



06-11-2010, 19:55
Several of my guys ran Deltas as duty pistols, back in the early 90's. We fed them plenty of hot loads & never saw anything like that.

Something is definitely wrong there and you are running on the razor edge of a case head failure. I wouldn't shoot any more of the offending ammo until it is sorted out. I have suspicions.... but Email those pics to Colt.

Sigarmed 1
06-11-2010, 20:11
Thanks Sarge. I plan to send pics on Monday morning. Are you leaning towards an out of spec chamber, or ammo?

06-11-2010, 22:00
I've built & rebuilt my own 1911s in 45 ACP for years, but I never fiddled with a 10mm for my own use. What you're getting there looks like a timing issue to me, as in the barrel camming down before the chamber pressure has dropped sufficiently for safety with hot loads. Could be a wrong link, wrong recoil spring or a combination of things. Your Delta barrel pic, if I'm reading it correctly, seems to show less chamber support than the guns I was dealing with in 91-92.

I could be wrong as hell about all that, which is why I suggested contacting Colt or a for-real gunsmith who can sort those things out. My opinion is irrelevant to the guy who actually has it in his hands to work on.

Hope you get it sorted out, anyhow. Let us know.

06-12-2010, 19:32
Sigarmed 1,
Thanks for sharing, and please keep us informed. I am looking at buying a Delta Elite myself. Yours could just be a lemon. Out of thousands of guns being made, I'm sure there is gonna be a dud once in awhile. I'm sure Colt will take care of it for you.

Sigarmed 1
06-12-2010, 20:58
Thanks! I'll definitely update the thread after I speak with Colt on Monday. I will probably call Hornady as well just to see if there was possibly an issue with this particular lot of ammo.

06-13-2010, 19:18
I have a Dan Wesson Razorback RZ10 that's been reliable shooting reloads without the dreaded bulge so far. The only problem I've encountered is FTF sometimes with some's rare but it has happened a couple times.

06-15-2010, 11:59
Sig, I have an early 90's vintage DE and the rounds fit much deeper into the chamber (ie, more support). Never any bulge issues with factory or handloads. Something is definitely wrong. I'm not a "smith" and agree with Sarge--go quickly to Colt and get an answer and a fix....

06-15-2010, 17:33
SigArmed1, I mentioned about the recoil spring in my earlier thread over at BayouShooters, because the stretched out area appears to exceed the amount of unsupported area shown by the picture of the casing in the barrel. Please check to see if this is the case, by slipping one of the expanded out cases into the chamber. If the casing doesn't go all the way in while aligned/oriented in the chamber, then I would suspect the slide moved to the rear allowing even more lack of support under pressure. Hence the need for the extra power recoil spring to keep the ejection cycle from starting too early.

Still waiting to hear what Colt or Hornady had to say!

MSgt Dotson
07-14-2010, 09:47
That pic of the 6 oclock area looks like a cavernous unsupported area of web, which is swelling to fill the void....

I think Colt owes you a new barrel/ fitting...

(I dont understand why they think the barrel needs throated to and even past the 9 oclock/3 oclock areas...)

07-14-2010, 13:32
Last I heard from Sigarmed 1 was that Colt was hooking him up with new barrel and Hornady said that the ammo's brass was too soft or something to that effect.

I'll have to look over at BayouShooters forum if he updated anything over there.