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06-12-2010, 13:00
OK, I am ready for the redneck jokes, but this is a serious question. We are seeing more rattlesnakes than usual this year and the coyotes are getting pretty bold. I want to mount a shotgun to my tractor and wondered if anyone has done this. Do the ATV mounts work? My tractor has two vertical bars behind the seat I could use as a mounting point, but it would mean turning around to get the gun into play. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


06-12-2010, 19:25
Need a bit more information here. First off, what size tractor? I'm used to be a farmer in North Dakota where I ran with a Steiger Cougar III and Case 4490 4-wheel drive (only had 1400 acres so I didn't need anything larger) where I used pretty much anything I wanted including up to an FN-FAL carried in a case on the back bench behind the seat or on top of the dash consul. However, the wife is from Jasper and we're station in NW Florida so I know the tractors they run down here aren't anything close to the size they run back home. Have you considered say a shotgun with a folding stock and a smaller case rather than a mount? I always kept mind in a soft case to not only protect it from getting banged around but also to keep dirt out of the action and keep it running. We used to pick rocks and drag the fields with a Case 930 with no A/C so running with the windows open pretty much mandated a case to keep the dirt out.

06-13-2010, 06:10
My tractor is just a simple old Ford with no cabin. We mainly use it to bush hog our property and plant green patches for deer hunting. I am thinking along the lines of one of the Mariner pumps in a soft case inside a scabbard.


06-13-2010, 07:16
For snakes and coyotes, I just carry a .22 pistol when I'm bush-hoggin. It's a lot easier to carry and access than a shotgun and both of these critters are soft kills anyway.

06-13-2010, 09:55
I generally carry my Glock with me and have killed one rattlesnake with it this year, but my wife had a close encounter with a big one that got away. She shot and missed 3 times with her Glock and now wants something that she feels gives her a better chance to hit with. Truth be told, I also want an excuse to buy a pump shotgun. We have lots of semi-auto shotguns but not one pump in the house.

David Armstrong
06-13-2010, 12:17
Our tractor gun was a .22 revolver. Easy to get to, stays out of the way, does the job. First round up was a snakeshot load, then hollowpoints.