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06-12-2010, 21:38
I have recently put meprolight sights on my old-style MK9 and have been generally pleased.


I find them great for the glow, but less than eye-catching in light, the white paint is not sharp/bright/white enough. I don't pick up the front sight as quickly as I would like.

I now have a P9 that I have "coverted" with my miter saw, and I'd like to upgrade the sights on it also. I am considering trying the trijicon sights


which appear to be roughly the same as the meprolights, but they are sold out.

I really like the look, sight picture wise, of the novak


but I am wondering if there is a "standard" for sights with regard to the depth of the "U" in the rear sight, and the position of the dots above the top of the slide. In other words, if I used the trijicon front sight (available) with the Novak rear, wouold the gun be properly sighted if I line up the three dots?

FWIW, the recommended front sight for use with the Novak (only the rear sight is manufactured) is the factory original front.

Or howbout this: would the Novak rear matchup with the big dot front? would the front sight "over-fill" the 'U' in the Novak? Would the center of the three circles be the same height above the slide? This Novak/Bigdot combo would be fugly and offend the purists, but seems ideal to me if the geometry is right



Thank you


06-13-2010, 04:50
You did what with your miter saw??? I'd like to know more about that!

The only way to know is to find out what the height of the sight is from the top of the dovetail. If they're the same height, they're interchangeable. I think that since they're made to go in the same position on the same gun, they ought to be the same height. You could call customer service for each of the mfgrs and ask 'em what's the correct height for their front sight in thousandths of an inch.

06-13-2010, 09:23
Sorrry, "coverted" as in "converted to a covert" model.

see here http://www.warriortalk.com/showthread.php?t=43159

I hacked of the bottom of the grip until my 6 rd mag would fit (fits a 7 rd mag out of the box). So I have the barrel length of a P9 with the grip siz of a MK9. Longer sight picture than a MK9 with better concealment than a P9.

06-14-2010, 08:13
Very clever, and a well-written description of what you did, how you did it, and why. Thanks.

06-14-2010, 17:04
actually, I am neither clever nor a writer. Covert conversion is not my idea and that is not my write-up.

I am, however, not above stealing someone else's idea.:cool:

Any thoughts on the sights?

06-14-2010, 20:40
If you want Big Dots you'll need to do both a Big Dot front & rear for sure... mix & match the others all you want & you'll be fine...

However... I preffer Trijicons... they offer a better sight picture IMHO... more 'day-light' around the front sight due to a wider rear sight notch & thinner front sight.

06-20-2010, 20:35
Nice miter-saw job! I've been toying with a similar idea for some time; I am looking for an old used g17 that I could shorten the grip to accept g19 mags. For reliability purposes the g19 slide was designed to weight the same as a g17 slide, so such a contraption would basically weight and conceal like a g19 while having line of sight and ballistics of a g17.