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06-20-2010, 16:52
Hey guys I'm having a bit of memory loss. I'm ordering a MSH and a few other small parts for my new Custom II. I want to go ahead and get a Wolff spring but can't remember what I usually use. I know 16 is standard but I'm pretty sure I usually change out to an 18.5. I shoot mostly 230 ball or hollowpoints. I shouldn't have a problem right? Like I said I could swear that's what I've used in my other 1911's over the years.

06-20-2010, 17:45
Self-defense ammo in a 5" gun = 18.5lb recoil spring. Ball ammo = 16lb (standard 1911 spring rate).

EDIT: I just ordered a Wilson combat 18.5lb recoil spring, Wilson Combat sear spring, and Ed Brown firing pin spring for my carry gun.