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06-20-2010, 20:34
I currently own, carry and shoot a G23 in .40, and was interested in the 10MM. The G23 fits my hand so well that I am reluctant to get anything larger... but I really would like to carry something with a little more punch when I am out in the forests and deserts. My problem is when I handled a G20, I didn't like the thickness of the grips. Is there a slimmer version of the G20 available that is closer to the grip dimensions of a G23? If not, is there some kind of modification that can be made to accomplish this?

06-21-2010, 14:41
You can go to your local range and ask to handle one of the new G20SF versions. If this is not available I recommend you try a G21SF. It will look and feel the same as a G20SF. If this "short frame" is acceptable you can then place an order for one. If you still desire a smaller frame.... Be patient. Lone Wolf should have one for you this time next year!