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David Armstrong
06-21-2010, 15:27
Hi Mas. In the recent IALEFI journal I noticed a couple of references to empty brass found in the pockets of the CHP officers killed in the Newhall shooting. I think I remember a good write-up by you that pretty well debunked that claim, or am I off-base there? Thanks!

Mas Ayoob
06-21-2010, 18:34
David, people in a position to know over the decades told me yes and no on that. Two CHP guys who were close to the investigation told me Pence had spent casings in his pocket. Official position was that he did not.

The phenomenon was documented elsewhere. Bill Jordan once mentioned a Border Patrol gunfight from his younger days in which one or more participants discovered fistfulls of brass in their pockets after the action was over.


David Armstrong
06-22-2010, 10:10
Thanks. I hadn't heard the Bill Jordan reference before.