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06-22-2010, 05:06
Mr Emerson

I would venture to say that any blade will rust. I have read people using everything from Silicone spray to vegetable oil to gun lubricant. What do you recommend to care for blades and to prevent rust? What methods do you recommend to remove rust?

How do you recommend caring for those ultrapremium $2k+ folders (with those multiple wavy lines etched into the blade - sorry, but I dot know it's terminology)?

Amongst your line of knives, what do you feel is the ideal for an EDC? Do you make Tantos? Is there any advantage for double edged knives?

Thank you for your expertise.

Ernest Emerson
06-22-2010, 13:25
Dear CDR Glock,

You are correct. Any true "Steel" blade can rust given the right (wrong) conditions. What we use is Sentry Tuf Cloth to coat all of our blades. It works extremely well and I use it on all of my guns.

The "wavy" steel you are referring to is Damascus or pattern welded steel. It will also rush, quickly, if not protected. Again we use Sentry Tuf Cloth. Just reapply every couple of months just like you would with guns stored in a safe. I would add that I have and collect historical and ancient weapons. Roman and Medieval swords and daggers, etc. Some of these are almost 2000 years old and for those artifacts I use Renaissance Wax which is used by Museums to protect and preserve iron and steel articles. It also works amazingly well at preventing moisture and air from contacting the surface. I can not recommend it for firearms as I have not used it for that application. Perhaps someone else could add to this discussion. Rust is our enemy and any tips or info helps us all.

Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson

06-22-2010, 21:50
I have a Navy Officer's Sword. Would that Renaissance Wax be useful for that, also?

What do you recommend for brass?

I would love to get a samurai sword with folded steel; however, I read those have a tendency to rust, also.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Ernest Emerson
06-23-2010, 11:40
Dear CDR Glock,

Renaissance Wax would be fine for your Sword.

For brass, I have also used the wax though I cannot guarantee against tarnish.

Samurai Swords will definitely rust.

Hope this helps.

My Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson