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06-22-2010, 10:16
I just bought a G23 with the rough textured grip. When I wear a t-shirt and an iwb holster, the grip tears my side apart. Ouch.... How does one go about fixing this? Houge rubber grip cover? Thanks Jerry

06-25-2010, 14:08
Hogue grip is a good start. You may even be able to use tape for short term use.

I had a similar issue with my KelTec digging into my side when I carry using their clip. I was able to overcome the issue by simply pulling my shorts (underwear) up to the point where the gun no longer touched my skin. Works great! I also figured if I pulled my shirt up (to expose my high riding shorts) I would look cool (far out, or whatever the word is now) like any other gansta (gangster) in the hood (your housing area).

06-27-2010, 10:05
I actually have a Hogue grip on order through E-Bay but got lost in the mail somewhere. I'll try some of the other things you mentioned. Thanks. I don't think I'll use the pulling up of the shorts thing. I don't like wedgies. Sorry to paint such a bad picture. Thanks again. Jerry