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06-22-2010, 14:42
I just posted this in the firearms forum, but hopefully the mods will allow it here too. We just took in a lot of Sig P220's from an LE department in trade and we wanted to mention it here since most are at our Greensboro, NC location (some at Charlotte). They are all in good condition but you can stop in and pick yours. Standard Sig P220 .45ACP (no rail), black finish. All have night sights and most come with 3 mags and in the original Sig box.


Greensboro- 505 Industrial Ave. Greensboro, NC 27406 (800) 552-2264 Toll-Free Phone
Charlotte- 800 Clanton Road, Suite S Charlotte, NC 28217 (877) 521-2999 Toll-Free Phone