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06-22-2010, 17:25
I'm putting together an AutoCAD rig for a client & wanted to run my thoughts by you guys. Let me know what you think of my specs:

- Core i5 - I've read that there isn't a significant enough performance difference between the i5 & i7 to justify the cost difference between the two.

- SSD as primary, 1TB additional for internal file storage. I'm leaning towards Intel, but would gladly consider other makes.

- Graphics card - here's where I'm at a bit of a loss. We need to have dual-monitor support, either DVI or HDMI, but I'm not sure exactly what brands to look at.

- 8GB+ RAM

- Win7 x64

Anything else?


06-22-2010, 18:27
We use ATI 4500 series graphics cards in our AutoCAD/REVIT MEP machines. If you are running standard autocad you can get away with a lot less. We have dual monitors on every station.

06-22-2010, 19:20

06-25-2010, 18:51
We run AutoCAD 2010/2011, MicroStation and ESRI ArcGIS on dual monitors with the Nvidia cards. You get respectable performance without a huge price tag. Our most recent system is 3 yrs old so I don't know about the current slate of cards available. But I will stick with Nvidia cards. We have these cards on both desktop and laptops.

Ragin Cajun
06-25-2010, 19:49
While the SSD will be blazing fast, I don't see they ready - yet - for prime time. Unless you have a rock solid back-up system, such as Carbonite, put in a standard hard drive for back-up. My CAD station has RAID 1 plus Carbonite. Yes, I'm paranoid, and I have the failed drives to prove it, but never lost data. Back-up works, IF you do it automatically!

Two DVD burners at least, or one DVD and one Blue Ray if you into Blue Ray.

1000VA UPS.

One huge monitor - 26" - or two large ones.

Be sure other programs will run on the 64 bit system. I have too many engineering programs that will not so I am in no hurry to to to Win 7. XP serves me well and will for a while.

Does you client use a tablet with ACAD, I do. Don't know if there are 64 bit drivers, but there may be by now. Just something to be aware of. Ditto for printers, plotters, etc.

What's the $ budget?


06-26-2010, 12:25
Cajun: To save costs, the SSD will be small (maybe 40-80gb) and used as a boot drive & to store programs. The bulk of the data & files will reside on a separate internal 1TB traditional drive and we of course will implement a solid backup system.

I will have to double-check that all his programs will run on x64, but I honestly haven't seen many issues so far - win7 x64 is pretty darn good at running x86 programs.

I'm really going to push for x64 as obviously x86 will only recognize 3-4GB of RAM and I'd like to get more into this system.

Haven't been told the exact budget yet, but it's gonna have to be around $1,500 or so....maybe more.