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06-24-2010, 23:55
I have a Glock 23 and a 27, and I read a review from Jeff Quinn of Gunblast. He reviewed an item in 2005 by DPM that reduced recoil in a Glock 26. I read more recently that people are using metal guide rods, but this product got my attention today:

What are your thoughts on this system? Do you sell something similar? I don't notice widespread use of it based upon reading the discussion boards.

Thank you for any insight or information that you may give me.

06-25-2010, 09:28
I met these guys at SHOT several years ago. They were interested in LWD distributing their product in the USA and provided a few models of this spring system for T&E. The issue was not about performance, it was about import permits and customs hassles which eventually led to us doing nothing at all.

We do not offer anything similar. Their spring system is hard to import legally so there are few using it.

06-25-2010, 20:54
I was looking into metal guide rod systems. Is there one that you suggest specifically, for a G27 and a G23, respectively, that improves reliability, durability and may help with recoil?

06-28-2010, 17:17
Non-captured, check out Wolff,