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06-25-2010, 21:44
Bought some federal 9mm 124gr. +P Expanding FMJ and was wondering how these stack up for self defense ammo. I shot a 2x4 at 10yrds and the hole was twice the size of regular fmj.

Mas Ayoob
07-04-2010, 06:26
I haven't been able to gather as many field reports on Expanding Full Metal Jacket as I'd like. It works well enough in gel testing, and certainly exceeds any FMJ or soft point I've seen. Detroit PD, using EFMJ in the .40 S&W, logged more shootings with it than any other entity I'm aware of stateside, and their officers were not wildly enthusiastic about its performance. US military has the so-called LP (low penetration) version of this for the 9mm Beretta; early second-hand reports were good, but I haven't received much input on it lately.

Certainly better than ball in places where JHP was forbidden (i.e., if you have one of the rare New Jersey carry permits), but I'd be inclined toward the more proven jacketed hollow points, several of which can be found in the same maker's product line.