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1985 4Runner
06-27-2010, 08:51
Just got an order in the mail & was wondering if anyone else has any info on, or experience with this ammo. Lot numbers vary & a few cases looked mildly corroded on the exterior.

Comes in 8rd enbloc clips:


06-27-2010, 14:46
There are many folks FAR more knowledgable than me on this subject here .... but I'm pretty sure the black tips indicate AP (armor piercing, ie steel core).

CMP is pretty clear that you must expect some percentage of ammo to be in corroded condition.

Randy from Kansas
06-27-2010, 18:00
If I am not mistaken those were made for the M1 Garand

M1 Garand Bandoleer or Bandolier loaded with Enbloc Clips

Looks like alot of history you have in your hands

06-27-2010, 20:10
What you have is the standard USGI can opener designed for use in the M-1 Garand as well as various .30 machine guns in various ground and air mounts. It worked very well on a lot of different types of targets. It was effective for cutting down trees, making holes in roof's, and from time to time it even worked for calming down the occasional man who decided to act out and make you think he was an enemy soldier.

If you will go to the CMP website, you can access the forums. Go to Ammunition and you can find a wealth of information about your ammo. With a little bit of reading you will know if your ammo is or is not corrosive as well as what experience others have reported with it.

For what its worth, the CMP just sold off 11,000 crates of AP. It is WONDERFUL stuff! The corrosive type I fire in my bolt action rifles as cleaning them is very simple. The non-corrosive type I fire through my M-1 Garand. It is very accurate ammo.

1985 4Runner
06-27-2010, 20:39
Sorry I wasn't clear. I did order this from the CMP and know that it is Armor Piercing. I knew to expect a certain percentage of loss due to corrosion in 50+ year old ammo.

I was wondering if any other posters had any personal experience with this ammo.

Most likely the bullets will be pulled & reloaded into HXP or LC brass once I know what grain works best.

I only wish I had bought more.