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06-27-2010, 09:44
So a few months back I'm digging through my parts bin looking for something, and I start to take inventory. I had a complete .40 top end, beavertail, SA magwell, grips, trigger kit that I knew worked (had put a Cylinder and Slide kit in my steel gun and this came out). In the end, all I thought I needed was a frame, trigger, and pin kit. I wound up also needing a safety, because the one I had had too much material removed and wasn't functioning.

A friend of mine had done a few amateur builds himself, and helped me with the slide to frame fit. We had to weld a little on the feet to get it to lock up properly, and I also needed to get a link kit to fit it properly as well.

For the frame, I decided to go with STI for few reasons. I've had great customer service from STI. They are at a lot of USPSA matches, and they generously support the shooting sports. Also, there is an STI Contingency program, so I stand a chance to win STI product.

I've already run it at a local match. I did have two hickups, one being a failure to lock back. The mags I had are pretty old, so I just put new springs in and there is a huge difference. BTW, I am running 10mm mags and loading the rounds long.

So here it is. I still need to get the frame finished. I kind of like the two tone look, so I'm thinking NP3 for the frame. The top is blued from when it was on a previous gun. I also want to change the front sight to a fiber optic. The black isn't too bad outdoors, but the indoor matches it's hard to pick up at times.

06-27-2010, 10:04
Looks nice :)

06-27-2010, 10:17
you did an extremely good job

06-27-2010, 15:41
Thanks for the compliments. I just took my time, especially with the beavertail. I think I did cut a little too far into the right side, but so far people only notice it when I point it out to them.

I'd really like a checked front strap, but I think I may be pressing my luck. I probably should have done that before all the other fitting.

06-27-2010, 15:53
Looks great. Congrats. That's pretty cool. :thumbsup:

06-27-2010, 16:01
dAYUmn BuckyP, got skilz! :thumbsup:

06-27-2010, 19:26
Looks very nice.

Tactical black
06-28-2010, 06:55
That's pretty cool it looks nice...

08-18-2010, 12:53
Well, I just got the frame back from Robar with NP3 applied. Wish my camera skills were better, heck it doesn't look much different than the pics above. :headscratch: Although, I had shot it as a few matches since I took the above pics, so the frame was looking real ugly real fast.

Here are the "after" pictures. I think it's officially done. I would have liked to have the front strap checkered, but the whole point was to do it as cheap as possible (in the op I discuss how I had many of the parts "lying" around).

08-18-2010, 13:01
looks extremely good!