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06-27-2010, 14:51
Is there a single sight tool that I can use to install a Glock adjustable rear sight on each of our bedside guns and a set of Dawson Precision ajdustable tritiums on my soon to be CCW, G-32??



06-27-2010, 16:37
Do you know the width of the sight above the dovetail? I assume that portion is steel?

06-27-2010, 16:56
No I dont know the width. It is all steel.

06-27-2010, 17:13
Well, if it is 15/16" or less, the pusher being offered by BigMoneyGrip in this forum ($65) should work. The sight appears to be fairly wide, but I can't imagine it being over that width.

06-27-2010, 17:30
I looked them up and they are flat sided except for a small bevel at the top. It would be lucky indeed if this small bevel would fit in a Glock sight pusher.
I am going to catch static for this, but I worked at a full service gun shop for years and we drifted the sights in, never broke one, but we measured first and filed the sight if necessary. We would put the slide on a piece of leather to soften the blow. A universal pusher is quite expensive, and odds are any shop will tell you they wont drift it in, then do it. Nylon or polymer tipped punches will not mar the sight, a brass one will leave brass that can be scrubbed away by solvent. Drifting will not work for factory shaped sights.
I have installed dozens of tritium sights this way, at the shop, and myself (I questioned the gunsmith the first time I did it and he told me to measure and use leather if I was worried) and yet to trash one, but I bought a sight pusher for the Glock.

Do this at your own risk, but if a shop is going to charge you big bucks, ask to see the tool, or get it in writing if they toast your sight, they will replace it.

If you don't feel confident doing this, probably shouldn't , but a lot of shops will drift them in and lie about it.

You might be able to get an insert for your pusher from it's manufacturer, most inexpensive ones are made by Maryland Gun Works (MGW) I believe.I just looked up MGW and it is Midwest Gun Works and didn't see any pushers. That is the one I have, about 100$ now (seen the same one sold by Ameriglow). Top gun has what you need, a sight pusher for tall, square Glock sights, along with regular sights- 89$

06-27-2010, 17:44
Thanks guys. I may go with a set of Meprolight adjustables instead and just get them from Glockmeister with their front/rear sight tool set. I need a front nutdriver tool anyhow, cause I damaged the front factory polymer sight on my G31, and I may remove that staked sight and put in a factory steel front sight instead.