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06-28-2010, 15:12
Hey guys,

I recently picked up a Glock 27 which I intend on using for my concealed carry gun once I pick up my permit this summer. I was wondering what's your opinion on having a 3.5 Pound trigger on a concealed carry pistol. I know having a lighter trigger may make it more prone to an accidental discharge, but I feel fine with my G27 5.5 pound trigger and feel that a 3.5 pound trigger may help me further.

As for shooting, I've taken it out twice, and well my groupings are fairly tight, 3-4" at 25', I'm hitting low and left, which I know seems to be a matter of trigger control and will take practice to overcome.


Mas Ayoob
06-29-2010, 07:38
O'Lane, your post makes clear that you know the lighter pull is associated with accidental discharge, and that off-center hits are more likely a trigger control issue than a pull weight issue.

What a lot of people don't realize is that in unmeritorious or political prosecutions, or civil lawsuits arising from self-defense shootings, it's not uncommon for opposing lawyers to raise the theory that the shooter fired by accident. Having a light trigger pull plays right into their hands. Say that you kept your finger off the trigger all you want; their argument will be that you made a negligent mistake...and again, the light pull plays into their hands.

Glock made it clear when I went through their armorer's school that the 3.5# pull is not for duty/defense use, and only for recreational shooting. That policy has not changed. Glock recommends the 3.5 for defense use ONLY in combination with the NY-1 trigger system, which brings total pull weight up into the 6-pound range. Gonna be pretty tough to convince a jury that you new more about the gun than its manufacturer.

With that in mind, I would STRONGLY recommend that on a defense Glock, you go no lighter than 5.5# pull.

There is LOTS of spirited discussion on this issue to be found here via the Glock Talk search function.