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06-28-2010, 19:11
I have an SIS Custom that I picked up a couple weeks ago. I was having a problem with the first round not feeding (8 different mags). I adjusted the extractor tension (Took some out) and it was great for the next 400 or so rounds. Cleaned it and put in the safe. Took it out this morning and it was back to the feeding problem. Checked the extractor and it was tight again? Is it common for the tension to come back on its own, or maybe a bad extractor?

06-28-2010, 19:53
Extractors does have a little bit of a "memory" setting, due to the material they're made out of. If not bended using the right method, the tension could change some going back to where you started.
However, this sounds more like a combination problem between different issues, than just being related to the extractor. But when discussing mechanical problems like this, it has to be checked out by someone qualified.
Good luck with it. The SISS is a very good firearm-nice choice
Jess christensen

06-28-2010, 20:25
Does it FTF on the first round if you only load five rounds in the mag.

06-28-2010, 21:50
Usually only with 8 rounds loaded, a couple times with only 7 in the 8 round mags. It usually would feed with only 7 rounds. After the first round is chambered, the rest of the mag feeds fine.

06-28-2010, 22:33
Hi again,
Another thing ! No gun is any better than it's magazine and ammo ! And I assume your testing includes high end mags + ammo...right. Otherwise your test is useless.
Other than that, I can only think of about 14 reasons you have that problem. No purpose of mention it here and now, it's just misleading without holding the gun in my hand for testing etc.
Good luck my friend.
Jess Christensen

06-29-2010, 11:13
7 Wilson mags (3 ETM's, 4 47D's) and 1 Kimber Tac that came with the SIS . Quality ammo, and this combo works in my other full size 1911's. I know each pistol is different, just stumped as to why the extractor would tighten back up on it's own?

06-29-2010, 21:31
Hi again,
You done your part then. Have it checked out by a pistolsmith. It's most likely something minor that causes your problem. It's actually surprising how reliable extractors are, if fitted right with minimum tension on the cartridge. Good luck with your SIS.It's a fine pistol.