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06-29-2010, 13:44
ok, so i have some 10 round mags, and some 15 round mags for my G22 (.40S&W). however, i HAVE TO limit the 15 round mags to 10 rounds for legal reasons. how do i do that? i can't seem to find a guide online for it. i know i can just buy more 10 rounders, but i already have 4 of the 10s and 3 of the 15s and really don't feel like buying even more.

it is as simple as putting in a rivet into hole number ____?

or do i have to take it apart and glue in a block or something somewhere?

07-01-2010, 20:52
I have seen the Canadian guys rivet their mags. It works for their government. If I were you I would contact your local authority and ask if a rivet will do? I hate to say it but I bet it wont pass. I think you would be way better off simply selling the hicap mags and purchasing 10 rounder's.

07-02-2010, 09:53
it seems that the Canadian mag laws mirror those of California (and maybe Mass?), and rivets seem to be the just-barely-acceptable way though rarely spoken about. just no idea into which hole i should put the rivet - i assume it isn't hole #11 since the follower has some thickness to it. does any part of the USA use rivets or anything internally to block the follower, or do they just not bother and buy 10s instead?

i suppose i could sell the mags, but nobody up here can buy them so i'd have to sell them into the USA, and then i gotta wonder about exporting firearms parts (cuz i'm not too keen on trying to smuggle them into the USA next time i drive across for whatever reason).

if i have to take one of the mags apart to see how / where i can block it, is there any special instruction i should follow or anything to be careful with?

07-02-2010, 10:17
The gist of your post leads me to believe you are currently located in Canada? If so, bringing the mags across the border is not an issue. I would advertize the hicaps for sale and then bring them across the border for delivery (hand deliver or mail once you are in the US).

07-02-2010, 11:26
ya, i'm in Canada. the one advantage to keeping the high-cap mag and just pinning it, though, is that when loading the 10 rounds, the spring isn't compressed fully so it's sorta easier to load it up to the 10th round compared to a factory 10 round mag in which the spring is compressed a lot on the 10th round.

any trick to removing the baseplate to see if i can epoxy some kind of blocker on the inside?

07-02-2010, 13:16
Don’t bother with the epoxy scheme, I have not seen one that is worth a darn.

Remove the base plate by shoving the pin tool all the way into the base plate hole. Now isolate the corner of the base plate (only) on a hard surface and push the mag away from the plate.
I get asked how to do this a lot. I need to make a video showing exactly what to do. Once you learn this technique you will take down all your mags in this manner.