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06-30-2010, 01:18
Monday I got a new PM45 Diamond black coated staniless steel slide with night sights. I got it to the range yesturday to do the break in. I decided to break it in with Winchester white box ammo. First off I was enjoying the gun, after the first mag, the slide locked back. I put in the other mag and depressed the slide lever and it failed to feed. The bullet stopped tilted and not in the chamber. I cleared it and manually racked it, no problems. I experienced the same issue of the first round not chambering after the last round lockback and realized that because of the stiffness of the magazine spring the recoil springs were having a rough time taking that first round out of the magazine. I then just manually pulled the slide the rest of the way back and let the slide close and it no longer had that problem. All was well then until around round 160 when I began experiencing a failure of the trigger to reset and a failure to feed. This became progressivly worse through round 185 when I was loading each round one at a time, the gun jamming each time. I attributed this to gunk build up in the gun. Such a small weapon must not have the same tolerances to go several hundred rounds without a cleaning the way my ruger p-90 does.

I cleaned the gun this evening and had a terrible time starting to clean it because to field strip it you must pull the trigger to slide the slide off, because the trigger did not want to reset at all. I cleaned it and payed special attention to cleaning the trigger spring, the trigger bar, and the area at the back that the trigger bar pulls on. After reassembly I realized that the trigger will not reset unless it travels forward with speed, allowing the slide to slam forward. Is normal for this model or is the trigger is supposed to reset with the slide simply being pulled back and let forward gently? I noticed the trigger also will not reset if the trigger is depressed past the reset point while the slide slams closed. Is that normal as well?

Before the gun is carry reliable I want to put at least 300 consecutive rounds though it with a failure of the trigger to reset. I'll put those rounds through it on 3 seperate range sessions with a cleaning between each one.

06-30-2010, 08:05
Those trigger problems you describe are NOT normal. The trigger should reset no matter how the slide goes forward and no matter how you release the trigger. Call Kahr CS and get them to send you a prepaid mailer. If you have problems with them ask to speak to Ian.
I'm pretty familiar with this model, have owned one for 6 months or so, and I can't remember ever hearing of a problem like your trigger issue, either here or on kahrtalk dot com. You could post over there and someone may be able to help.
I had to send mine back too but for a different problem. I took it back the the gun store and had them ship it.

One last thought. The trigger bar rides in the little plastic panel on the right side of the gun just below the slide. If you got some grit or debris in this area it might affect the trigger reset. The problem is the tec-screw is so tiny. I found a Husky HD-74502 Z tec screw multi driver at the Home Depot that had a T-4 in it.

Good luck. The PM-45 is a great gun. Unfortunately anything that small shooting a 45 ACP is bound to be a little finicky.

06-30-2010, 12:52
I cannot imagine you would really think this is "normal". I agree, it is probably a cleaning issue, but a couple hundred rounds would not have gunked it up enough to cause this. There have been reports of Kahrs with manufacturing debris inside that could cause this. I would send it back (on their dime) with a description of the trigger and FTF problems BEFORE messing with it further, so that they can recreate the problems.

06-30-2010, 13:11
Thanks PigButtons and Mitch. I didn't think this was normal but I'm really unfamaliar with Kahr weapons. I've never fired on before I bought mine. I called kahr and they've scheduled a fedex pickup for tomorrow. It's going back to the factory, on their dime, I just have to get a mailing box ready for the pickup tomorrow.

07-01-2010, 09:39
Good, they are very fast on the return, usually within a week.

07-01-2010, 17:33
I also have a new PM45 that had the same or similar problem. Brand new, cleaned it and went to the range. First magazine ran fine. Second mag after the 2nd shot the trigger would not reset. It would chamber the next round fine. Removed mag, cleared the live round, locked slide back and put mag back in. Released slide, the round chambered fine and fired. The spent round ejected and chambered a new round and trigger would not reset. I did this 20 times before I finally gave up. I did some searching on the web and found this is not an uncommon problem with the PM45's and is related to the trigger bar and spring. Before all the owners with the " I've never had a problem, my pistol is perfect " jump in let me say I am not bashing Kahr's and I am new to Kahr's but not new to firearms. They wanted $48 to next day air it back for warranty work so I ordered a new trigger bar and spring ($16) and put them in today. I won't get a chance to test fire it till next week so we will see. I really hope this pistol works out because it is a great carry size for a 45. Just my $.02.

07-01-2010, 19:51
I prepared the box with the pistol for Fedex last evening and registered the gun on Kahr's website. The Fedex guy arrived around 4 PM today to pick it up at my home. I was surprised that the gun wasen't already prepaid because the representative I had spoken with said Kahr would be paying for it. On the form I filled out I marked next day delivery and the the reciever would be paying for it. I enclosed two copies of the letter which I've attached to this message, one inside the gun case and one in with the shipping peanuts.

mjb03bolt, I'd have tried to work on the problem myself but I don't want to void the warrenty. I do hope it is a simple issue like the trigger bar or spring. I want to see Kahr do right by me and fix it right so that I can have enough confidence in my PM45 to carry it. Right now I feel cheated that I paid $800 for a gun and it's defective right out of the box. I already bought a holster for it on gunbroker and right now I'm thinking I may have thrown good money after bad. I hope I'm wrong but reading the posts about Kahr service has me a little apprehensive about the whole thing.

07-02-2010, 08:05
If these are new guns, you guys shouldn't have to pay for shipping OR parts.

07-07-2010, 18:43
Hey, just an update on my trigger reset problems with my PM45. I installed the new trigger bar and spring I received a couple days ago and made it to the range today. Ran 120 rounds through it with out any FTF,FTE and the trigger reset every time. Functioned perfectly. I am so glad that it worked out. I will probably make 1 more range trip and another 100 rounds before I trust to carry. The ammo used were my reloads of Zero's 230gr. FMJ with 5.3grs. of W-231. The only problem I had was a feed problem with some Hornady 230gr. and 200gr XTP HP's that I was trying out. I think the bullet nose is just too flat to reliable feed. I'll have to find some defense ammo with a not so severe hollow point. They did feed fine in my Browning BDA.

07-12-2010, 13:27
I have received my PM 45 back from Kahr today. The enclosed letter stated that the trigger bar has been replaced and it test fires OK. Playing around with the gun the trigger does reset with a partial racking of the slide so my first impression is that it's been repaired satisfactorily. I will get to the range either this evening or tomorrow and will report back on function at that time. At the range I will be test firing 230 grain Ranger bonded rounds like I intend to carry, rather than Winchester fmj rounds.

07-14-2010, 18:21
The gun is now 100% reliable with Winchester Ranger, Federal, HST, and Winchester white box fmj.

This pistol will also be for sale in the firearms listings here. It comes with a nice pocket holster too. Make me an offer.

07-15-2010, 08:47
This pistol will also be for sale

sorry to hear that.