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06-30-2010, 11:20
I have a Pierce + 1 extension and kinda figured a longer mag body and added weight of the ammo stack would require an extra power spring.

I am now the proud owner of ISMI springs straight from Glockmeister. Thing is, they don't work.

The bends and turns of the spring are too wide to fit the follower. Same with the plastic base plate and mag extension. Neither does the spring compress enough in the mag bodyto allow more than three rounds. I don't get it. ISMI makes good stuff.

Std Glock 6 round M36 springs work just dandywith the Pierce +1, but the EXP ISMI just does not want to play nice with the follower, base, or the mag body. ISMI measures .412 OD after the spring has made its 180 degree curve.

Has anyone else had any weperience with these components?...maybe Wolff EXP springs in the +1?...are Std 6 rd Glock springs are reliable in a + 1 length?

You get the idea.

Glock rookie asking.



the perfesser
06-30-2010, 20:19
My Pearce +1 mags have the stock springs and function just fine. My only difficulty is chambering the first round by racking the slide -- the slide requires more effort to draw back and slingshot. Not a problem, because I would carry the +1 mag as a reload and load normally from slidelock.

Please keep us posted re your problem and (hopefully soon) solution. I think that we are still learning things about the Pearce +1 mag extensions.

06-30-2010, 20:33
Never had a problem with the +1 and stock spring. 1000+ rounds at the range and no fails. My carry is a +0 and a +1 in my pocket. I was waiting for a fail before I looked into aftermarket stuff...never happened.

07-01-2010, 08:24
Thanks guys.

Marc Cosat of ISMI also replied.

Basically, what was said was that yes, the bends and turns may be a bit large depending on which follower and mag base are used. Apparently, there have been past variations in followers and bases. I don't know.

The spring ends may be CAREFULLY altered w/o creating any stress risers in the hardened spring.

I'm a big fan of ISMI stuff. This is my first use in the M36.