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07-01-2010, 17:57
I walked into my one of my favorite local gun shops yesterday and spied a 342 pre frame lock in the used gun case. I just glared at the little Ti through the glass and as I was looking at the release, I could not belive it was sans the lock. I asked to put it in my paws, and it was clean and lean as it should be. The previous owner had never carried it, but upon firing some +P ammo through found it to be too brutal to his delicate hands.

I just happened to have a well carried frame lock 340 with me I bought off a fellow officer needing money a few months back. I began to barter a deal and swapped it in on this 342. A trip to the range and 120 rounds later it has a place in my protection collection. I fired some PMC standard velocity, some Wal Mart white box, and 20 of the CCI short barrel loads through it. It was as accurate as I expected, and has a great little trigger.

The added plus is the nice little box it came in, have not seen one of the kind in quite a while.

07-01-2010, 20:06
Well done! I have had my eye out for one of those for quaite a while.

07-02-2010, 13:33
I had a similar experience about a year ago. I went into a gun shop after telling my wife I didn't have any trading goods and wouldn't buy anything. About 20 minutes later I walked out with a new-in-box 342 without the internal lock. My wife wasn't surpised (or angry, surprisingly enough). It became an instant favorite of mine, and still is. Congrats on the nice find.

Glock 17L
07-05-2010, 21:49
I had a 342Ti Pre Lock a while back & it's a joy to carry in the pocket, while only a few ounces lighter than my 642 you can realy feel the difference, It'll spoil you for sure..
It will beat you up with +Ps but they have more recoil the lighter you get on the frames..