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07-02-2010, 12:55
so i just got back from shooting my Kimber Ultra Carry II at the range. it shot flawlessly with the FMJ but when it came to shooting the hollow points i had about 2 FTF per magazine i put through, with an occasional magazine going without any issues. I'd say 6 FTF with the 45 rounds of SD ammo i put through. I know the kimbers have a break in period, but the issues i faced with the hollow points lead me to believe it has more to do with those bullets. Guy at the range suggested Hornaday Critical defense ballistic bullets because they feed more like a FMJ. anyone have any suggestions on some ammo i might use to combat this issue? Thanks gentlemen.
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07-02-2010, 13:03
I would not agree with the guy at the range. The Critical Defense Ammo is about the last SD Ammo I would use in a 1911. I would recommend either Speer Gold Dots or Winchester Rangers and have heard of others having good sucess with Remington Golden Sabers. Certain 1911's can be very picky when it comes to JHP ammo. What kind of "failures" were you experiencing with your Kimber? Are you sure it was ammo related? Did you try differnt magazines?

07-02-2010, 13:09
95% of the time, when a 1911 doesn't feed hollowpoints it is a magazine issue. Try some Wilsons or equivalent (no, Kimber mags are not equivalent).

07-02-2010, 13:09
I should have put that in my original post, i had 2 wilson combat mags and the kimber mag that came with the gun. The SD ammo i was shooting was winchester supreme and remington golden sabres. Had equal ammounts of the bullets failing to feed with both ammos, but zero with the 100 Rounds of PMC FMJ

07-02-2010, 13:25
COR-BON pow-r-ball is the round that feeds like a FMJ but expands like a JHP. Hornady Critical Defense really is just a JHP with fill thats only flush with the hollowpoint not protruding simulating a round nose like the pow-r-ball

07-02-2010, 13:27
You can also try expanding metal jackets

07-02-2010, 13:34
LEAD, thanks. i will try and order some of that powerball ammo
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07-02-2010, 16:00
No problem, but you should try to see if you can work out the kinks with that gun, I would hate to be restricted to certain ammo for a particular firearm, although I know that the 1911 was designed to shoot FMJ, there are many available that will cycle practically anything. You should at least be able to shoot some more typical JHP options that just have a more rounded shoulder to them, Speer Gold Dots and Ranger T come to mind as some of the more rounded profile HP bullets if those don't feed there likely is a problem not related to ammunition.

here is a review on one which the author had no issues with Hornady XTP or Speer Gold Dots

Not sure on your experience with guns of this type, (mine is minimal) but you really have to have the proper grip and stance with these more compact 1911s kind of the same way as say a glock 40, if you rob the action of its energy by letting it get away from you, it will effect cycling. Some novice 1911 shooters proficient with the full sized version experienced cycling problems when they moved down to more compact models, or so I'm told. I am not betting on this being the case, but I found it interesting when I heard this so I thought I'd pass it along.

Take it with a grain of salt