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07-03-2010, 12:09

Any of you guys ever seen one of yhese..looks like a S&W Model 10 snubbie....

07-03-2010, 15:00
It looks like a six shooter, too. I've never seen or heard of this company or of this gun, but it looks sweet though.

07-03-2010, 15:26
yep its a six shooter.. I had a Nickled Mod 10 ; years ago ..looks similar..only draw back to the Mod. 10, it was a bit heavy..but this gun has a lightweight alloy frame...Shiney and light... looks like a Wad Cutter spitter...

This is priced at this time like a Armscor 206

07-03-2010, 19:58
I went to their website....dunno if they are decent or not, but the broken English overviews are fun enough.

The accuracy and power of the six-inch version is a challenge for hunters using short guns....


07-03-2010, 21:25
i found where they were one imported by GUNX in CT ...quality is said to be good. They are used by Czech Police as back up quality is must be there. I'm sure its not a S&W mst likley like a Charter or Rossi.