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Fat Boy
07-03-2010, 16:21
I have tried searching for this, and am unclear on the situation- The local Gander Mountain has a Glock 17 w/2 magazines for sale; asking price is $449 (I asked about any cheaper pricing, and they offered to knock $10 off the price- pretty serious, these guys) This gun has no fingergrooves, and from what I can tell, only one pin above the trigger, crossing through the frame. I am trying to understand the whole one pin, two or three pin issue-

I like the fact that this frame has no finger grooves, but have some concerns about weakness, or possible problems with the one pin issue, which I have read a little bit about. The serial number on the gun starts with the letters "KE" if I remember correctly.

Could you please explain to an old guy new to Glocks what this is all about, and should I pass on this gun? The only other issue I can see with it is the rear sight appears to have been "mashed" for want of a better word where it fits into the dovetail on one side, like someone tried to force it over with an improper tool set up.


07-04-2010, 20:11
Sounds like a used first gen gun. Weaker? Yah in the sense that the current issue pistols are stronger but still plenty of gun for the 9mm cartridge.

First gen smooth grips
2nd gen has finger grips
3rd gen has finger grips and rails
4th gen has replaceable back grips

My advice... Price the newer guns and compare directly. Maybe all the "newer" bells and whistles are not worth the money?