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View Full Version : Extended Release/Switch For LaserMax On G19?

07-08-2010, 09:16
I have had an internal LaserMax on my G19 for over a year and a half and am very pleased with its operation. I am having more and more trouble using the Switch/Release bar that came with the unit in order to remove the shroud and barrel on the 19 due to my age and arthritis though I know it's the Glock springs underneath the Release that are stronger than me. I actually have to use a tiny screwdriver on the lever which I do not like to use and this is awkward for field stripping. I have seen longer releases sold on the Internet for a regular Glock set up but does anyone make an extended release/switch that will also energize the LaserMax? Thanks

07-09-2010, 06:42
call 1800 laser 03 and ask for Bob B in customer service if anyone has a solution Bob does. When you talk to him let him know your situation and that you talked to Chris G on Glock talk