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View Full Version : G30sf convert to G29sf?

07-08-2010, 20:17
So does anyone know if there are any aftermarket slides made for the G29. I've seen post about converting a G30 to shoot 10mm with barrel changes. But I didn't find anything about purchasing an aftermarket G29 slide.

07-09-2010, 09:14
Glockmiester sells complete factory slides for many Glocks. That would be a good way to go.

07-09-2010, 17:18
Why would you want an aftermarket slide? That being asked lone wolf makes a Glock 20 slide but lists no 29.

07-23-2010, 12:57
You may be able to just pop a G29 barrel into your G30.
I've done it with G20 barrel in G21, no problems.

I know you are looking for complete upper, but I really don't think it's needed.
All "think" all other parts are basically the same between the 2 models.