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07-09-2010, 17:41
I just bought a Glock 19 and went to the range today. Now I have a few questions. I had 5 FTF out of 200 rounds. Ammo? I was shooting 115 gr. (white box). Next I had a few failures of the slide not staying open after the last round. Ammo again? Then as I was cleaning the gun I noticed the copper marks on the ramp were only on the left side of the ramp. shouldn't they be right in the middle?

07-09-2010, 20:02
Grab a box of +P ammo and run a mag or two. This will assure everything is in line and squared up. Make sure the barrel, slide & rails are well oiled. Verify you have a good hold on the frame and run the same ammo again. If you still have failures the 115 stuff you are using is no longer an option for this gun.

Believe it or not... This happens to Glock 9mms all the time