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View Full Version : thoughts on polymer tipped "pow r ball" bullets?

07-09-2010, 20:43
I carry a springfield emp 9mm. Ammo reliability is one of my concerns, obviously. I don't know anyone that has tried this ammunition it seems a bit gimmicky to me, wondering if I could have your thoughts on it. It appears as though it would feed as a typical fmj round, but they are very expensive and I wonder if they expand reliably. thank you

Mas Ayoob
07-09-2010, 20:55
The Pow'rBall has worked very well in lab testing, but I don't know of any actual shootings with it.

FWIW, my EMP has worked 100% with every JHP I've put through it including +P+, and I suspect the same will be true of yours.


07-10-2010, 19:44
thank you