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07-09-2010, 22:33
Mr. Emerson, Thank you for being available here for us to pick your brain, its very cool to have acsess to a knife celebrity such as yourself! After a long time lusting for your Karambit, I finally was able to spring and buy one for myself. I also have a cqc-7 and a commander. The other 2 were very sharp out of the box, but for some reason the karambit was not. I could rub my finger aqlong the blade and it wouldn't cut me. (not that I was wanting to cut myself! lol) I sharpened it the best I could with a spyderco sharpmaker. The blade edge is kind of curved instead of that straight angle grind and I am so unhappy. I have been wanting this knife as a last ditch weapon to carry everyday and didn't feel good about the edge. It would tear paper instead of cutting it as your others do. The blade felt rough. What can I do to fix this as I am heartbroken about it. A friend recomended a Krein regrind, but I am not able to pay for that now. Any advise to help me out? Thanks in advance, you are kind of a hero of mine!
Thanks, Chris Montrose

Ernest Emerson
07-13-2010, 13:09
Dear Cmontrose1

Please send me the knife. I will fix it. Put a letter in the box saying I told you no charge.

Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson

07-30-2010, 18:46
Thank you so very much for your generosity!