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07-09-2010, 23:59
Hey all,

I've run into a bit of a quandry with my business' phone system. It's an almost obsolete model, but it still works, and I really would prefer not to spend 2 grand or so on a used replacement.

The monitor that I am running now has pretty much gone kaput. It has a manufacture date of 1993, so I got a good 17 years out of it.

Which leads me to my question: Where does one find a monochrome monitor with a RCA input? I searched a few places online, and found a bunch on sale at vintage prices or non functioning models. Does anyone know of a good retailer for old computer monitors?

Does anyone make an adapter that would convert a VGA cabled monitor so it would take a RCA connection? Would a small old TV do the job?

Thanks for your help -- I'm great with modern tech, but this thing is old and the system was designed when I was still in diapers...

07-10-2010, 00:24
This should work.

07-10-2010, 01:28
Thanks sdsnet -- I figure that kind of adapter, and a cheap monitor will be a little over $100. I'll take advantage of it if I don't find anything in junk shops or thrift stores around Atlanta.