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Glocknload 19
07-10-2010, 16:55
Mr. Emerson,
You mentioned in a previous post that you recently carried a Commander and occasionally. Was wondering if you had a personal preferance to the plain edge or the serrated edge blade, and also do you normally carry your knives with the black coated finish or the silver coat? Thank You, Don B.

Ernest Emerson
07-13-2010, 13:14
Dear Glocknload 19,

I am carrying a Commander and it is serrated. I always recommend serrated blades. There is no reason to not carry a serrated blade as they are the best in an emergency situation. I don't prefer one color over any other. Some are black some are silver. The silver doesn't show scratches as easily. Hope this helps.

My Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson

Glocknload 19
07-15-2010, 15:58
Thanks for your reply Mr. Emerson. I appreciate your time. I'm ordering the CQC7B in the black finish. I sold my last one and went through a Microtech Halo, a Blackhawk Hornet and several benchmade knives. Was always sorry I sold my CQC7. I won't make that mistake again. Thanks again.