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Jim in Illinois
07-10-2010, 19:51
Is it harmful at all? I bought my first Glock, a Model 21SF for home protection. I wanted a simple weapon that my wife could easily learn to use. Can this weapon ever fire a round in the chamber if the trigger is not touched? She has Arthritis and racking the slide even on her good days is difficult. I'm told by the gun shop salesmen that this weapon can be kept stored fully loaded and a round in the chamber with absolute safety. Is this true. Sorry, I'm new to this type of pistol. Jim...

07-11-2010, 22:46
The salesman is 100% correct. Yes it is true! The Glock pistol can be stored with one in the chamber and there in ABSOLUTELY NO WAY it can discharge without the trigger being pulled. (accident or not)
On the other hand.... If your wife has a problem racking the slide I would highly recommend you find her a DA revolver. I love the Glock pistol but your wife has special circumstances that are better filled with a revolver. Look into a hammerless version and you will be suited fine