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07-10-2010, 20:07
I'm debating between the 75 Compact, 75 D PCR Compact and the P01. Not being familiar with CZ I'm a little lost as the differences. If at all possible, I'll visit a range and rent what they have available. I'm particularly concerned about trigger pull weight and travel distance. Any insight on comparisons is appreciated.

07-17-2010, 20:44
I'd go with one of the full size models.

07-20-2010, 17:37

75 Compact comes with the steel frame, but does not have the de-cocker. If you want the de-cocker, looks like you have to get the Alloy frame. I have also been looking.:supergrin:

The PCR compact does not have the accessory rails, and only has the Alloy frame, and has the de-cocker. The P-01 seems to add accessory rails to the PCR compact, keeping de-cocker and alloy only frame option.

If you want the steel frame a I do, and the de-cocker, you have to move to the Full size 75 BD, which I felt today. They wanted $499 used, but it had only 1 ten round Klin-Ton magazine. Oh well. Trigger on that one seemed very smooth and not too heavy. But, the cost of 2 new 16 rd mags would have brought the price up.

Did I get those models right, CZ guys? :wavey: