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07-10-2010, 22:21
Just wondering if the night sights on my 23 are Glock factory night sights? They are made by AmeriGlo, but I cant find them on their websight.

They look just like this pair, except they are all green and there isnt an engraved H3 mark on mine like this one and instead of the two lines in the lower part of the rear there is only 1. Mine are marked AmeriGlo TriLux H3.

07-11-2010, 22:32
No the AmeriGlo sights are not Glock factory sights but I can tell you from experience they are well made and I have several models on my own personal Glock pistols.
BTW: Trilux had a bid to produce Glock factory night sights in the late 90's but it was a short lived contract.

The +0 is intended for use with 9/4/357 guns except the 26,27,33 (one long line)
The +1 is intended for use with 10/45 guns and the 26,27,33 (one short line on top of a long line)