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07-11-2010, 10:33

07-11-2010, 11:18
Patrice I just read your post to Wrencher who went off on an effenhiemer
rant about this particular ammo. She said it is consistently pure ****,
and it isn't a new thing. She rarely swears, interesting...

We haven't shot any of the Golden Saber, which according to Wrencher
is good self defense ammo. She invests a lot of time in anything gun
realted. I trust her opinions. She is currently downstairs having "church"
with a Marlin 336 that's jammed up tighter than a tick.

07-11-2010, 14:26
Hhmmm.....I recently did an online purchase of the Remington 250 round mega-pack 9mm, 115grain, FMJ rounds. While loading a magazine, I noted that one of the bullets was extremely set-back into the case, and set that round aside. When I completed my practice, I examined all the remaining rounds, and found 3 more cartridges that were set back into the brass (1 of these had significant set-back, & the other 2 were quite extreme. My spouse was watching me practice from afar, and commented that an occasional round would belch a red fireball, and that the rounds were creating a lot of smoke.

I notified my online retailer about the problem, and sent an email to Remington. Hopefully my email will be forwarded to the proper person, there. [Personally, I think they should at least consider a recall.] Quite the potential safety issue/concern here...should someone inadvertently fire one of these defective rounds.--Patrice :dunno:
[I guess I better go examine those 4 boxes of Remington Golden Saber rounds that I bought for that new Colt compact (.45acp).:upeyes:] <sigh></sigh>

I seem to recall when I did a lot of shooting that Remingtom ammo was so bad that it made WWB seem like premium ammo. That's been a couple of years.

I also giving away remington .22 bulk packs because they wouldn't even fit into the chambers of some of my better guns. :upeyes:

sawgrass, if Wrencher is going biblical on her rifle I'm glad I'm in Iraq! :rofl:

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07-12-2010, 04:43
LW and Sawgrass, thanks for the information. Sawgrass, thank Wrencher for her concern.--Patrice

You're quite welcome. Something else I just remembered about that crap ammo, it fouled my gun worse than any other I've ever seen. I'm glad yours cleaned up easily, I remember mine being a nasty chore. :ack: