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07-11-2010, 16:23

Just picked up a new Toshiba NB 305 netbook. Gotta say, I really like it! I have some minor gripes about not being able to change my desktop, but I'll get over it. Need some help with a question.

I need to buy an external CD/DVD drive. I want one that reads and writes, and can do damn near anything a drive like this would be asked to do. I don't watch movies on it, nor would I ever plan to. I've done some cursory research, but everything seems pretty expensive, and the lingo gets confusing pretty quick.

What would you recommend for use with a netbook?

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07-11-2010, 17:04
My netbook will not boot to an external CD/DVD drive that is full sized. It will read the disk after the computer boots. To boot my netbook with a CD/DVD I had to buy a "portable" CD/DVD drive. I bought a Toshiba because it included an A/C adapter. One USB port from my netbook will not power it. It only came with a single USB cable. The portable drives that do not include an A/C adapter usually have a double USB cable for power. I was lucky that I had a double USB cable from an external portable 2.5" hard drive. I have to use the double USB cable with the netbook to power the Toshiba CD/DVD drive without the A/C adapter. My full size laptop will power it through USB with a single USB cable. The netbook USB ports don't supply enough power unless they are doubled.

07-11-2010, 17:08
Get a "portable" (slim) CD/DVD drive. Make sure it can take an A/C adapter even if one is not included. It is important to have a "double" USB cable to power the CD/DVD drive through the USB ports but for flawless operation an A/C power supply is best. Normally the drive with either a double USB cable or an A/C adapter but usually not both. If you can get both , then that would be the best deal. You can add one and/or the other later though.

07-11-2010, 22:23

07-11-2010, 22:36
I looked at mine again. The store where I bought it did have a Toshiba but it didn't include the A/C adapter but it did have the double USB cable. I think it had a jack for an A/C adapter. Anyway I check mine again and it's the Pioneer, not the Toshiba USB portable CD/DVD drive. I had to add a double USB cable as the single will not power it from the netbook. It will work with the single USB cable included if the A/C adapter is used.

07-11-2010, 23:06
Just to let you know, the "double" USB cable is a cable with two USB connectors at one end for the computer and the other end is a standard end for the CD/DVD drive. This usually required for netbooks and many laptops if you want to use the CD/DVD with only the netbook battery power or only power from the netbook even if it's plugged into A/C power. A standard single USB cable will work if you plug an A/C adapter separately into the CD/DVD drive and run it off of A/C power. The "portable" drives I found usually either have a double USB cable or a single USB cable and an A/C power adapter. I think some of the higher priced or some off brands ones might have both but that isn't common. The desktop type external drives usually won't boot the netbooks for some reason. If you can find out which cables are included or look inside the box first that would be best. Bestbuy has a pretty good selection. If there is a Microcenter store near you, you could check there too. Office Depot and Staples may have a few but I don't know how their selection or prices are.