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07-11-2010, 19:48
Hey Mas,

There are countless threads/posts on GT about printing, but I'm wondering what your thoughts are on it.

In reality, I think we have printing, where the outline of the gun can be made out, and then we have the more obscure 'bulge' where it is obvious something is there, but no outline.

The popular opinion on GT seems to be that nearly everyone, except maybe other CCL holders, will never notice a bulge or minor printing. Even if they see it, they won't think 'gun'.

What's your thoughts on this. How much printing is acceptable? How obsessed should we be with showing no bulge/print?

Along the same lines, what are your thoughts on clips showing when using a tuckable holster? Again, many say that even if clips are showing, the average person won't tihink 'gun'. If going with a tucked shirt and tuckable holster, would you say velcro clips are a must, or do you think it's acceptable for leather/kydex/metal clips to show on your belt?



Mas Ayoob
07-12-2010, 22:38
It's acceptable when they can't tell the bulge is a gun. It's not acceptable when the bulge looks like a gun. If it wasn't our intention to conceal the firearm, we'd be open carrying. We don't need to be obsessed about it...we just need to be moderately careful, and "dress around the gun" sufficiently to deal with the "dress code" of the moment.

Since there's nothing else folks are likely to wear under their clothes that leaves clips visible on a belt, in a "tuckable" holster I like hidden Velcro (the Ted Blocker approach) or belt loops that also serve as a key-holder or something similarly innocuous (the Leather Arsenal approach).


07-12-2010, 23:06
That was my thought on the clips. There has been running debates on it (on GT and in person), and while the average person might not know what the clips are, my thought process has been like yours that there isn't much else that they could be on the belt for.

I think will have one kidex/leather holster with V-clips ready to go with a velcro belt for when I tuck (probably opting for my little PM9), and when untucked use a holster with clips or loops.