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07-13-2010, 18:28
OK, I have created a group policy which I want to apply to a specific group of computers. The policy has a few settings, adding printers for windows 7 and removing the last user logged on. loopback is enabled with merge in the policy.

I remove "authenticated users" from the filtering.

Background, I created a security group (in active directory), called "news". I added certain computers to this group.

So i add "news" to filtering (it shows domain\news) down there. If you go under permissions it looks like the systems should have the correct permissions to apply it, but when you run gpresult it shows denied, security.

The only way i can get it to apply is put authenticated users back in there, which then applies to everything, which I don't want!

What am I doing wrong? I'm sure it's a stupid oversight.

07-14-2010, 13:38
Well, they call me crazy, but I usually keep GP's simple and designed for a particular task.

Sounds like another GP is hanging you up. There is the Domain Security GP... you should look into that. Find out what the base security is prior to launching your GP.

Like I say - Keep em straight forward and uncomplicated whenever possible. Inevitably, you will have give and take when working through these issues.

Based on the info I have, there really isn't much to say...

Oh - and keep in mind that some functions are aimed at the computer, and others aimed at the user. Determine where your "function" really falls, and assure you place it correctly!!! Can't tell you how many times I have done the "Forehead Slap" for trying to run a user related GP in the computer section of the GP!!! THAT will really keep you scratching your head!!!