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07-13-2010, 23:46
I know glocks are considered a reliable out of the box guns. But still you hear of people having problems. In your experience do some glocks need a break in period to achieve acceptable reliability? And ,if so, are some model and/or caliber glocks more likely than others to benefit from a break in period? thanks.

07-14-2010, 13:14
Like anything else, you need to prove the gun to yourself.

Go to the range and shoot as many different pistols you want. Decide on the model and caliber then make your purchase. Once you receive your new gun I recommend you buy a few different boxes of ammo (weights & brands). Shoot them and decide which performs the best regarding accuracy and reliability. Once you have made the decision on the brand you "should" pick up a case of ammo. Shoot 300 to 500 rounds of this case. Prove it is 100% reliable. Save the other 500 rds of this case for defensive use (carry).

You should have consumed upwards of 1000 rounds just testing the gun.... I would imagine this constitutes a break in period wouldn’t it?