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07-15-2010, 13:44
Wondering if anyone shoots either one of these on a regular? Have only shot the Brown thru and AK as i wasn't worried cause its an AK. Didn't want to shoot it thru anything nice. I just always see it for sale real cheap and figure you get what you pay for. Anyone have any experience? thanks.

07 LMB Z06
07-16-2010, 15:53
I ordered 500 rounds of Golden Bear, and I've shot probably about 300 of them. They all worked, and didn't give my AK any problems.

In reality, the Golden Bear is probably sort of a gimmick, but I figured for a few bucks more it doesn't make much of a difference. I think Arsenal tests with Silver Bear, so that's probably good enough.

It actually didn't leave my gun terribly dirty either. The only nasty stuff it left was some black crud cooked onto my gas piston. I soaked it for about an hour and scrubbed it with a copper wire brush and I still couldn't get it all off. Not a big deal...just sayin'.

07-16-2010, 16:32
I shoot a lot of Wolf through a USP and an XD in 9 and 45. Honestly, is there REALLY a significant difference between Wolf, Bear, Tiger, etc...

I don't think so.

07-16-2010, 16:43
Brown bear is going to leave more residue from the case coating, the silverbear leaves the chamber cleaner, as does golden bear.

The zinc casings on the silver bear are not forgiving of lots of moisture. In terms of storage, laquor coated is best (brownbear), then polymer (brownbear) then copperwashed (goldenbear) then zinc (silverbear). I think the goldenbear and silverbear are ideal if your not worried about rounds getting weathered, but they aren't significantly better shooting than brownbear just better in they don't have meltable coatings on them, just primer sealant.

07-16-2010, 20:48
True on the coated factor. But I have never had any 'residue' issues from the coating with an AK - so still no difference IMO.

07-16-2010, 21:03
I bought 4 500 round bricks of Brown Bear 9mm for my G19 and P225. I've used 1200 or so so far and they have been accurate and si far have proven reliable. Very dirty compared to wwb but I just toss my guns in an ultrasonic cleaner afterward.

John Rambo
07-17-2010, 14:03
I run Brown Bear through my CMMG-upper AR-15 almost exclusively and its fine. Better than Wolf in that caliber, in my experiences.